The Coal Mine Compensation Rating Bureau of PA (CMCRB) is a licensed rating organization for Workers Compensation insurance in PA. The CMCRB is not a government entity, but is a private, non-profit corporation. There are two (2) such Workers Compensation rating organizations licensed in PA; the CMCRB and the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB). The jurisdiction of these two rating organizations does not overlap. The CMCRB has jurisdiction over coal mine employers and operations in PA while the PCRB has jurisdiction over all other employments in PA. The CMCRB has been a separate licensed rating organization in PA since 1954.

Among our many responsibilities are the following functions:

    1. Implement and interpret an Approved Manual which must be prior approved by the PA Insurance Commissioner. This Approved Manual contains Underwriting Rules, Definitions, Rating Values, and Loss Costs.
    2. Annually file for updated/revised Loss Costs by class, by coverage, based upon prior data and actuarial analysis.
    3. Administer a Uniform Experience Rating Plan.
    4. Administer a Uniform Classification Plan.
    5. Establish standard policy forms and endorsements.
    6. Evaluate appropriate Law amendments impacting Workers Compensation benefits.

By-Laws of the CMCRB